Day 10

Interesting enough the neighbors yard apparently seems to have some of those stinky drunken Hobos frolicking about.   I’m starting to think that they aren’t really drunken hobbos… but probably a group of hobos that might be helping someone’s contact lenses.  If so they might be offered a reward… and if that’s the case I’m going to keep an eye out for that contact lens…


Day 9

The hobboken, hoboes?  Anyways… they are still out there.  I must confess at first the moaning was a bit disturbing, but after a while it sounded kind of sexy.  I can’t really see what they are doing outside… but I did my part and played some 70’s funk music to just help the mood.  I wonder if this has indeed become a hobo breeding ground… if so, I should Youtube it.

Day 8

Saw the news today, they recommended I stay inside, seems like there is some flu going around. I bet this is some sort of made up scare like “Swine Flu” of “SARS” or “Your ex is outside”. None of those amounted to anything important.

Day 7

So I skipped the weekend. I tried to get out and do something, but the hobos were all over the place. I almost hit one of them with my car, but missed him. I tried but he was quicker than I expected. Some of the kids across the street were playing chase with a couple of the hobos, and were running away from them screaming and having a great old time. I love the innocence of children, playing with hobos, and not caring that they are really just dirty stinky people.
I wonder where their parents are?

Day 4 – Thanksgiving Leftovers

I tried to be nice and take the hobos some food for Thanksgiving, but they seem completly disinterested. All they did was shamble around in their drunken stupor. I remember what it was like to be that drunk, but that was back in college, I think these hobos need to get off my lawn. I know I sound like a crochety old man, but still, they smell like death, or at least a really old person.

Day 3

My house is literally surrounded with hobos (I have decided on hobos as the correct spelling) Called the cops and the line was busy. I looked outside and there are hobos all over the place. I guess there is some sort of hobo convention, although I am not sure what they would convene about. Perhaps they discuss how to make use of old pants as do-rags? maybe I will watch some TV, I bet the discovery channel has a show on hobo culture

Day 2

Several more hobos have appeared, or is it hoboes… Either way, they are making a nuissance of themselves, with their banging and their moaning. I am seriously considering calling the police, but then I dont want to have to explain the lack of a tail light in my car. I will just see what happens.