Have decided to forge some weapons out of house hold appliances, but realized that I dont have anything worthwhile to defend myself with. There is only so far that my collectable christmas ornaments can get me, and I am not that great at hucking things at faces.


Day 28

Nothing of note happened today, although I did find a new method of disposing of waste. Turns out there was a fully functional washroom just to the left of where I was sleeping. That explains the toilet like sounds I kept hearing late at night

Day 27

It seems I had to also plastic cover the house’s power plugs.  The late neighbor’s squirrel learned that quickly.  On the plus side I had some leftover butter and chocolate from Kenny’s potpourri extravaganza.  Let’s crust this sucker!

Day 22

Boredom struck today as I looked at all the zombies outside dancing in the rain.  I was reminded about how Ricky Martin revolutionized the world of music with his first Polka Hit:  Snail Soup.  It was an epic ballad of fantastic proportions that sustained the tale of a thatcher who couldn’t get anywhere with his pet goat.  I saw the movement of the undead’s hips and thought to myself:  “Man I could really go for a waterpark escapade”  At that moment it hit me.  I could flood the house and have an indoor pool, with enough mouth blown plastic bags I could get a nice floaty and be safe.   Onwards to joy!

Day 21

Sugar crashes suck.

I am not sure what happened last night, but one of the zombies is wearing my pants and another is weilding my firepoker as a writing utensil. I feel like they are laughing and pointing at me for something that happened during my sugarfest