Not sure what language the trapped zombie is speaking, it sounds like a rudimentary form of German, I got my old school books out and I am attempting to communicate but it is not going well. Maybe I will try Spanish next.. He could be saying hooombreeee



One zombie snuck in the house, I am not sure how, but I suspect the chimney was his entrance. He may have convinced the squirrels to work with him as they already have a vendetta against me for the rodent-apult I built that launched them over to the neighbors yard. I have trapped him in the linen closet, but every time he moans I cant help but imagine the things he is doing to my sheets. If there are holes in any my bed clothes I will be very upset, they were a gift for my Barmitzvah, and remind me daily that I am truely a man.


The basement door seems to have been breached…. I don’t know why the heck do I even bother with the basement, all it has is old christmas decorations, some adult toys and my liquo…..  those son’s of bitches found my private stash!  I’m going to start dumping my feces down there…